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Education Funding Specialists

About Us

Maun Funding are education funding specialists, thanks to an expert team who work alongside schools and colleges in their condition improvement fund bids to accomplish their goals.

The whole aim of the condition improvement fund is to address significant condition needs to keep the buildings of education providers safe and in good order, along with making improvements and expansion.

We have worked on a large number of funding projects personally, and recently revealed the condition improvement fund 2020/21 results showing that £434 million had been distributed over 1,243 academies, colleges and voluntary aided schools across 1,476 projects. While there have been many successes there were unfortunate schools whose project was successful this time around. However, don’t give up heart as there is a condition improvement funds appeals round

Along with this, we are now looking ahead to the results of the condition improvement fund 2022/23 and enjoy playing our part in helping many others gain success.

The core purpose of Maun Funding is to provide the very best opportunities to children in the UK.


Our main objective is to provide a safe environment in which children can learn. This is achieved by providing the best possible facilities and activities.

We don’t believe that money should compromise the development opportunities of any child.


This is why Maun Funding supports schools in the UK, helping them to unlock the necessary funding whether this is community grand funding, condition improvement funding or anything else.

Funding ultimately provides schools with their dream facilities, allowing us to accomplish our goal one school at a time.

Maun Funding breaks down the barriers providing schools with the ability to acquire state-of-the-art educational facilities, recreational areas and activities.

We are comprised of an expert team of bid-writers who have enjoyed a track record of success with more than 30 different national funders. Therefore, we have the expertise required and can offer all the supporting evidence you need for your funding requirements.

Contact us for free condition improvements fund 2021/22 bids.



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Condition Improvement Fund

Over £40 million secured for our clients

Community Grant Funding

Funding worth up to £25,000

Energy Efficiency

Salix Energy Efficiency Funding and more.


Funding available to expand your school.

Services we offer

Services we offer include:

  • CIF funding

  • Grant funding

  • Expansion

  • Energy efficiency

Condition Improvement Fund


We are proud to have secured more than £40 million for our clients.

The Condition improvement fund, aka CIF funding, provides academies and multi-academy trusts the chance to upgrade facilities to the very best possible.

We have extensive knowledge of CIF funding and as such have developed a winning format to achieve the best possible condition improvement fund outcome for your specific needs.

To ensure this is possible we have invested in the technology needed to ensure your bids can contain ample evidence and photographs through your condition improvement fund portal.

Following condition improvement fund login to the portal, our technology gets to work within the 1MB limit for photographs and evidence to support the application.

We have managed to secure more than £40 million in CIF funding and are looking ahead to increasing this sum with condition improvement fund 2022/23 and beyond.

If you require assistance for CIF funding 2022/23 get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

You may be able to apply for CIF funding to cover:

  • New roofing

  • Replacing windows or doors

  • Building cladding

  • Safeguarding the property

  • Replacing heating or pipework

  • Bringing the building up to fire safety regulations

  • Adding on modular buildings

  • The removal of asbestos

  • And Much More!

Community grant funding


While we specialise in bids for the condition improvement fund we also have access to hundreds of grants from many different sources, including community grant funding.

We have specialists who will listen to your requirements and then provide advice on which of our funders are the most suitable to meet those requirements.

We have worked on numerous funded projects, anything from after-school clubs to the community to libraries and playgrounds.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.



Maun Funding can help you source funding for expansion.

You can apply to the condition improvement fund for expansion whether you want to expand by adding on a whole new wing to your college or school, build additional classrooms, extend the library or anything else.

Energy efficiency


We can work with you to meet your energy efficiency needs through Salix energy efficiency funding, CIF funding for energy efficiency projects or PPA agreements for Solar PV.


RoofRoof - Copy.jpg

Our roof had been an issue for a number of years. Leaks had generated in most of the classrooms and black mould spores encroached the walls. We had previously failed with other consultants in which we paid over £20,000 upfront. Maun Funding handled everything professionally, working on a No Win No Fee basis and were Successful first time around. We will be using their services for years to come.

Facilities Manager - Devon

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0115 837 3210

Contact us to find out how we can help you with CIF funding


We provide free support with your condition improvement fund 2022/23 bids. If you are an academy, sixth-form college, multi-academy trust or free school you may be eligible to receive funding.


Contact us to talk about any of your funding requirements today. We could make a big difference to your condition improvement fund outcome.

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