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Your funding ambitions, realised.

Maun’s core purpose is to provide the very best opportunities to children in the UK. Our objective is to provide a safe environment for children to learn, by providing the best possible facilities and activities. Money should not compromise any child’s development or opportunities; Maun supports schools in the UK to unlock the necessary funding, which ultimately opens schools up to their dream facilities and accomplishes our goal one school at a time.

We break the barriers for schools to acquire state of the art educational facilities, recreational areas and activities. We have an expert team of bid-writers with a track record of success with over different national funders. We have the expertise on hand to provide as much supporting evidence as possible for your funding requirements. 


Over the years we’ve secured success with more than 30 different funders, helping Academies, Free Schools and Multi Academy Trusts as they seek funding for playground development, before & after school activities, library enhancements, and more.

By your side we’ll navigate through a sea of potential funds (and a sea it is – many schools are blissfully unaware of just how many grants could be available to them).

Beyond our office is our nationwide network of partners, comprising of building consultants, project managers and playground companies. Should you choose to move ahead with our services, we work on a No Win No Fee Agreement for all our bid-writing services. Some funders allow us to include a fee within the application as 'Professional Fees', which ultimately mean our fee is included in the funding you receive. We will inform you appropriately and clearly beforehand as transparency is important to us, which brings us to our next point.


With you…

From seed of an idea to fully funded

You have an end goal – a playground upgrade, essential building work needed for safe, comfortable learning. Between here and now, there’s a lot of ground to cover and many boxes to tick.

You need an experienced team of bid writers with steely determination and complete commitment to the success of your application. But when we say bid writers, we should be really clear – the mark of a solid bid writing team goes far beyond the four corners of your bid.


Surpassing the meticulous calculations, the carefully chosen words and the polished formatting, there must be advice and a deep understanding of the funders you’re aiming to impress.


No Success, No Charge…

For grants of up to £25,000

Whether state school or multi academy trust, budgets are tight, spending is being squeezed. It’s fair to say that you can ill afford to pay hand over fist for an unsuccessful bid.

Finally, finally there’s a solution for schools that seek a grant of up to £25,000. Our new-for-2019 ‘No Success, No Charge’ scheme removes the guesswork as to whether your finance department will face an invoice for a bid that ultimately came to nothing.


Here’s why you should trust us…

In numbers.

Four decades of combined experience. A proven track record within schools up and down the country. Over £40m secured.

Be confident in our promise of No Success, No Charge. Be even more certain about our services through these stats and facts…

In the last round of the Condition Improvement Fund, only 1,435 projects out of 3,800 applications were successful. That equates to just 37%. Our result? We hope it speaks for itself. Our success rate was 82%.

It starts with the first step…

Let’s talk about what you’re hoping to achieve for your learners. Call our team on 0115 837 3210 to discuss what could be secured should your bid be successful. We can then tell you exactly how our tailored approach creates bids that funders love to read and are eager to fund.

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