Highest Priority:

Legislation Compliance and Health & Safety, including:

  • Emergency & managed asbestos removal to facilitate essential works

  • Gas safety

  • Electrical safety

  • Lift safety

  • Water services - (hot and cold) and drainage,

  • Ventilation/air quality and thermal comfort

  • Fire Safety

  • Security and Safeguarding

High Priority:

Life Expired Condition Replacement – where there is a risk of school closure, including:

  • Building structure

  • Mechanical systems

  • Electrical systems

  • Utility capacity and connections

Medium Priority:

Life Expired Condition Replacement, including:


  • Building fabric – internal or external

  • Building structure

  • Mechanical systems

  • Electrical systems

Low Priority:

Areas below current standards, including:


  • Whole block

  • Basic Teaching

  • Large spaces, studios, dining and social

  • Kitchen

  • Plant

  • Learning resources areas

  • Staff and admin

  • Storage

  • Changing

  • Toilets

  • Circulation


Lowest Priority:

Evidence must provide a clear condition and value for money case. This might include:

  • Accessibility improvements (teaching and non-teaching)

  • Building fabric (non-teaching, e.g. external sports equipment stores (etc.)

  • Mechanical and electrical systems (non-teaching)

  • Insulation/draught proofing (non-teaching)

  • Lighting (non-teaching)

CIF Priorities 2019/2020

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